I have always loved to cook - and as a wife and mother, I cook for my loved ones to show them how much I care. Once a year, we host a huge celebration at our home to enjoy the company of our closest friends and family. For this special occasion, I always prepare my coconut bonbons for dessert.

In 2018, I made my specialty dessert like every other year; however this time, someone made the comment that my coconut bonbons should be shared with more than just the people in the room. I thought nothing more until our friend called a few days later requesting my coconut bonbons for an upcoming bridal party. Since then, Paryani Foods was created to bring my creations beyond the walls of our home.

We only use natural and organic ingredients so you never have to question the quality of our products. My hope is that you will feel the love that I instill in each bonbon that I create.